Tamara, 42 let, Praha

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For 3 years already I’m going to Iva Měsíčková and I am very happy that I got her contact because it led to a tangible improvement in the quality of my life. I came due to problems with my back, but with time with Iva’s help, I discovered that traditional Chinese medicine can help with all health problems, physical as well as mental.

Now I go to Iva regularly, and if I’m facing an acute problem even more often. As a foreigner in the Czech Republic, I feel safe and taken care of, which is a feeling I had to trade away moving to a new country.
Other than that Iva is a great person – witty and full of character, her inspiring comments stay with me for a long time. The talks we have make me slow down and just be there in the moment, rethinking if all the stress and worry I carry with me are really warranted.

Regardless of whether I am there at 8 am or 8 pm, Iva is always in a cheery mood, full of energy, and 100% committed to my wellbeing. A serious professional in her work.
She is the kind of person who’s simply willing to go above and beyond for her patients. She will truly give her 200% if it means you will feel better for it. It’s rare to find those kinds of people nowadays, and a true pleasure to be in the care of one.